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Dear · Catastrophe · Waitress...

Back after half a year!

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I declare we all get back into livejournal! And perhaps make our journals 'friends only' as us people do like discussing our private topics about our offline lives.

So anyway, I've been in the family's new apartment for a year now. I've also been with John for nearly a year and a half now -- remember the days of those first little dates and posting his picture here?

For Christmas I got a heap of lovely things, including a spanky new little mac laptop! I'm so incredibly delighted with it! Other fantastic gifts include a spacehopper, a kite and a bob dylan record! I love the little presents as much as the big.

College starts again at the end of this month and I'm almost looking forward to it. There's all new subjects to the courses I'm doing, so no more Children's Literature, and more Medieval Literature (which isn't that great a progression, but meh). Ethics instead of a bland introduction to Ancient Philosophy (though I do appreciate it!).

Going to an exciting little local rock gig tonight. I rarely goto the little gigs, but John's friend is in the band and though John got two tickets for me and him he can't go because he's working, so bringing Kate instead! More about that tomorrow!
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On January 27th, 2007 09:00 pm (UTC), scarletumbrella commented:
Glad you had a good Christmas hun. :) Mm I ♥ Medieval Lit... hope you enjoy that class! Looks like you've been offline again for about as long as I have! ;) Naughty naughty. Come baack! ^_^
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