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Dear · Catastrophe · Waitress...

Back again... again...

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I've missed Livejournal! I've missed typing into a proper blog. Kate got me using Tumblr, which is great but I miss a wholly text-based blogging system. I think I should leave Tumblr for my morbid vintage picture posting, and Livejournal for my silly ramblings on Peter Sarsgaard and day-to-day occurrences.

So I like True Blood a lot. Yes, I'm hooked and I don't care who all knows it! It's not like I'm obsessed with Twilight and Stephen Moyer has the most perfect floppy hair. Even Sam Trammel has floppy hair, it's like they're taunting me with their hair in every episode!

But I like getting into a series like this, looking forward to the next episode because not many series have that hold on me. Even Lie To Me which has one of my favourites, Tim Roth, in it doesn't hold my attention very long. I think it's all the tacky references they make to pop culture that annoy me. "Oh look, and here you can see that he's lying... exactly like Clinton and Britney Spears did!" -_-

Ok, so that's enough for today. I would immerse myself in the True Blood fandom except I'm only on episode 7 of the first season. Stupid streaming!

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On October 20th, 2009 12:45 pm (UTC), conlonson commented:
Well if you say it's good I'll give it a chance, you wouldn't lie to me (Oh my god I went there).

Yeah, poor Peter he hasn't been in that much stuff lately I'm not surprised. I still haven't seen Orphan, that questionable horror he's in but I will out of devotion soon!
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On October 20th, 2009 01:50 pm (UTC), scarletumbrella replied:
HAHA! Well idk, ymmv.

It's true. I... don't think I could ever stomach Orphan. I read the spoilers instead.

LOL your icon is SO distracting though omg. ;)
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